If you called me up
And said that you were being kidnapped
By a bunch of Eastern European Sex traffickers,
Well, I’d go Liam Neeson on all those fuckers right quick.

Really, though, I think I’d be helping them more than anyone, ‘cause
You’re a grade-A, free-range, 110% organic
stone-cold-hearted bitch.
You don’t need pesticides.

Remember how I told you that
Wie eine Welle im Meer, bin ich in dich verliebt*?
I said it in German, ‘cause
No one else would understand it, but mostly ‘cause
I damn well meant it.

The same way I damn well meant it when I said
I love you

The same way I damn well mean it when I say
I never want to see you ever again.

William Droser is currently a student in upstate New York, though he was born and raised in Boston. Despite his having been here for nearly two decades, the world is still around. You’re welcome.

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