EDITOR’S NOTE: One of these is real.

“At First, I Was Horrified. Then, I Was Terrified. After That, I Became Petrified. At 10 Seconds In, My Life Was Ruined And I Was Plain Scared”

“See How This 4-Month Old Baby Changed This OId Yellow Lab’s Mind On Racism”

“This Eleven Year Old Amputee Made Me Totally Break Down And Cry Last Night At 11:49 PM But It Might Have Been The Onions I Was Also Chopping At The Time”

“A Kid Came Up To Her In The Hall And Told Her She Saved His Life. He Wasn’t The Only One In Tears.”

“I Just Read Something Steve Jobs Said About Moving To Mongolia And Now I’m Going To Start Packing”

“I Lost My Last Baby Tooth Last Night But I’m Not The Only One”

“See How Another 4-Month Old Baby Changed This OIder Yellow Lab’s Mind On Racism”

“Look How Wise Other Human Beings Are When They Reach Their REM Cycle When They Sleep For Long Periods Of Time”

“And This Is For The Questions That Don’t Have Any Answers. The Midnight Glancers And The Topless Dancers. The Candid Freaks, Cars Packed With Speakers. The G’s With The Forties And The Chicks With Beepers. The Northern Lights and the Southern Comfort And It Don’t Even Matter If The Veins Are Punctured. All The Crackheads, The Critics, The Cynics And All My Heroes In The Methodone Clinic. All You Bastards At The IRS. For The Crooked Cops And The Cluttered Desks For The Shots Of Jack And The Caps Of Meth. Half Pints Of Love And The Fifths Of Stress. For The Hookers All Tricking Out In Hollywood And For My Hoods Of The World Misunderstood. I Said It’s All Good And It’s All In Fun, Now Get In The Pit And Try To Love Someone, Bawitdaba Da Bang A Dang Diggy Diggy Diggy Said The Boogy Said Up Jump The Boogy.”

“I Will Never Feel Calm Again After Looking At This Site For So Long Today”

Kristina Felske is the founder and chief editor of the Other Otter and a big, big fan of appetizers. http://www.kristinafelske.com // twitter.com/kristinafelske.

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