News in Brief • ISSUE 49•46 • Nov 11, 2013

SAN FRANCISCO— Changes are reportedly in the works at 584 Hubbard Street, which has been home to Sushi Ran for the last year or so. Chef José Hiromoto Goldberg of China Chilcano’s Kvetcheria is in line to take over the downtown San Francisco restaurant space, sources say. Escrow opened two weeks ago and is expected to close in mid-November. According to sources, his plan is to remodel the space and open a high-end samba-sushi-shabbat restaurant there sometime next year. The name will be Oy Vey Oyamel-San, in honor of Goldberg’s Guatemalan grandparents who live near an ‘oyamel’ (sacred fir) forest. “You’re going to see all the things you normally see at a Latin-Asian-Jewish-Deli fusion restaurant,” said Goldberg, “a delicious D’Lox Kogi Kimchi Quesadilla, a classic kosher Korean barbecued Reuben taco roll, and a mouth-watering assortment of green beans with peanuts and Chile de Arbol on a bagel (more commonly known by its spanish name, ejotes con cacahuates y Chile de Arbol en un bagel).”

Davide Grody writes & performs in a variety of capacities, mostly focusing on comedic outlets. You can see him all over town on his hunter green & duct-tape orange Schwinn bicycle. He tends to be an introvert in large social gatherings due to his mild & clinically undiagnosed agoraphobia. @DavideGrody #TwitterHandle

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