My goodness!!! It has been too long! I thought I would be so good at keeping up with this blog but, as it turns out, writing can be hard. The end of the summer was filled with so many fun parties and events that I could barely keep my head on straight! SO many of my best girls got married—so happy for all my beautiful brides! Each and every one of them looked gorgeous in their own unique way and I cannot believe how blessed I am to have witnessed their big days. The boy attended each and every wedding with me. Even though we are NOT getting married any time soon (sorry, everybody!) believe me when I say I already have the most beautiful wedding planned! Check it out on Pinterest! I try to watch at least four hours of wedding planning programming a day so that I can always be up to date with the latest wedding trends. But I am definitely NOT looking to get married anytime soon, you guys!!! But if someone were to ask me to marry him tomorrow, I would be prepared.

Now that summer is over, I can focus all of my attention on the absolute best time of year: fall! I know, I know; EVERYBODY loves fall! And why shouldn’t they? There’s nothing like a little chill in the air to put a little spring in your step. Bonfires, jack-o-lanterns, haunted houses, Hocus Pocus, football (GO BROWNS), warm apple cider, Oktoberfest beer: these are ALL of my favorite things!!! (If you want my apply cider recipe, please inbox me; it cooks up in the Crockpot, and it is SO perfect for those cold, cuddly nights!) But, most importantly, we are entering into the ultimate holiday trifecta. Christmas is a mere 67 days away, Thanksgiving is right around the corner, and, in just a few days, it is….


My birthday is on October 26, and it has been for as long as I can remember. I love my birthday and I don’t even feel bad about saying that. This year is the big 2-4 (#oldlady). I’ve already tweeted at my closest guys and ladies, so they are definitely aware of all the awesome things I have planned. I thought it would be fun to share my itinerary, just in case it sparks some good birthday ideas for the rest of you.

Friday, October 25, Evening
Sushi dinner at Sushi Rock! As many of you know, I try to infuse my life with culture. I think it’s really disgusting when people abuse and exploit other cultures, so I always make sure I’m staying educated. Sushi is SO adorable and it’s the perfect way to stay educated about Asia. This is my ladies only night (sorry, babe!) and I KNOW my girls and I are going to have an amazing time. Oh, and we miiiiight look kind of hot 😉 But classy.

Friday, October 25, Night
After SushDin, my ladies and I will head back to my apartment so we can start my birthday off right. I ordered dozens of cookies from bakeries in Little Italy as well as LOTS of red wine. I also got a new, velour sweat suit for myself, and then the same sweat suit for my girls, but in complementary colors. Mine says “Birthday Bitch” on the back of my pants, and a big “24” on the back of the jacket. I love it! My ladies’ outfits don’t have any writing on them because that cost extra. Then we’re going to watch Miss Congeniality!

Saturday, October 26, Morning
Massages and paraffin hand treatments!

Saturday, October 26, Later Morning
Mani/pedis, with a mimosa in manicured hand!

Saturday, October 26, Later Later Morning
Brunch and shopping with mommy! New Michael Kors purse, HERE I COME!

Saturday, October 26, Noon
Lunch with mom and daddy at Ken Stewart’s <3. This means the presentation of my brand new Tiffany’s necklace! 24th birthday is the diamond birthday, bitches! (I love Tiffany’s because it’s classy. And it says “Tiffany’s” on it.)

Saturday, October 26, After Noon
TBA. I think I either want to go to Pet’s Pajamas and hold puppies or go to the shooting range. Can’t decide!

Saturday, October 26, Evening
Martinis with the ladies! We’re thinking Brubaker’s in the Valley, so come chill with us if you’re around! (I know I’m wasting my breath by saying this, but DO NOT show up if you are going to be belligerent and skanky. Self respect, please.)

Saturday, October 26, Later Evening
Surprise dinner date with the boy! NO IDEA what he has planned!

Saturday, October 26, Almost Night
Friends arrive at surprise dinner date location and present me with tiramisu! They sing me Happy Birthday and I cry. Boy presents me with present. Keep time available for making phone calls should boy’s present merit phone calls. Party bus arrives 9:30.

Saturday, October 26, Night
Bar night and bottle service! Photographer arrives 10:15. Party bus arrives for pick-ups at 2:00. I’m anticipating a lot of gross girls in slut costumes, so we might call it a night earlier.

Sunday, October 27, Morning
Bloody Mary Brunch! Gasoline Alley has awesome Bloodys-who else??

Sunday, October 27, Day

Sunday, October 27, Evening-Night
Cook something yummy for me and the boy. Snuggle 😉 Birthday success!

I am SO excited to start my 24th year of life with all the people I love. I also think this is a great way to get everybody involved in the end-of-year holiday trifecta. I wouldn’t be opposed to schools and post offices having work off for Rachel Day! What do you like about birthdays? How old are you? How will you celebrate Rachel Day? Tweet me your answers and I’ll re-tweet!

Until next time, remember: velour is cheap when bought in bulk!

Katherine Markovich lives, works, writes, and eats in Chicago. Follow her at @markovichsays to read about what she’s eating and watching. And thinking, too, I guess.

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