Hi Everyone!

And welcome to my new WordPress blog! I’ve tried a few of these now and know I have some fans, so I didn’t want to stop blogging completely just because I lost interest in my previous sites.

I’m super excited about this venture, but first wanted to welcome folks who’ve been following my past blogs:

For those of you coming from Urban Dad – Welcome! I’m sure that you will still occasionally hear about my two sons. They are older now and are a bit resentful of all of the pictures I posted of them without pants on as babies (small penises – both of them).

For those of you coming from Sugar Glider Power – Welcome! I hope that you’ll still find cool pictures of animals. Unfortunately, none of those pictures will be my sugar gliders (Marcellus Wallace and Benny) because I never really found out how to care for them and they have passed. 😦

For those coming from Kitchfork – Welcome! This site will definitely still follow hot trends, but will be more careful about posting reviews about my friends’ style choices.

For those coming from Porn Party Reviews – Welcome! This site may not interest you as it will be clean, but I might get some American Apparel ads on it at some point, which may help pull you into the actual content.

For those of you coming from my Pinterest page – Welcome! Sorry I never figured it out.

Anyway, since you’re all here now, let me tell you what we’re all about this time around. Here at Blog of Thrones, I’m going to mainly concentrate on what is going on in my life and in my condo, but will also have the added hook of reviewing EVERYTHING Game of Thrones. This should keep me busy for many, many years to come. I’m just about halfway through the first book now and haven’t watched the show yet – so, no spoilers please!

Let’s get started!

Ryan O’Neill lives in Chicago, so if you see him there, say hello. If you see him outside of Chicago, ask him how his trip is going.

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