SETTING — Empty stage at a ten-minute play competition.
AT RISE — Empty stage, then ACTOR enters, riding a Tyrannosaurus Rex.

Ha ha ha ha! Hoooo! Hey there, whoa, steady boy.
It’s a motherfucking T-Rex! Eh? Eh?!

Tyrannosaurus Rex ROARS!

ACTOR (cont.)
Gahhhh Jesus you never do get used to that. So, hey.
C’mon! T-Rex, right?! None of those other assholes had one
of these.

Tyrannosaurus Rex stomps about, eyeing
the first row.

ACTOR (cont.)
So I win, right? I win this thing? I’m sorry, but no one is going
to top a goddamned T-Rex.

Tyrannosaurus Rex abruptly takes a
member of the audience in its jaws.


Tyrannosaurus Rex CHOMPS down, then

Jesus hell! I wasn’t expecting that!

Tyrannosaurus Rex turns and eyes ACTOR.

ACTOR (cont.)
Oh… uh, hey buddy. Look, if you can just keep cool for the
next eight minutes we totally have this thing in the

Tyrannosaurus Rex has taken actor by the
leg, tosses ACTOR head over heels into the
air, and then catches ACTOR in its jaws
with a savage CRUNCH.

The curtain falls. The AUDIENCE runs for
their goddamned lives.


Brandon M. Crose holds degrees from Emerson College and Trinity College, Dublin. He is the author of several nonfiction titles and lead writer of the Second Shift Podcast. His ten-minute plays have appeared at the Boston Theater Marathon and the Hovey Summer Shorts Festival. You can find him lurking online at www.brandoncrose.com.

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