Caylynn was 12 years old and a girl and liked sports even though people think she’s  bad at sports. She was sometime bad at sports. But sometimes good at sports. She was not popular and no one popular likes her. But Caylynn knew that sometimes what is popular is not always right and also the other way

So when Hitler came back from the dead and decided to kill people like jews and other people Caylynn know she had to stop him. He was putting all the unpopular people in consentration camps and he put Caylynn in one of the consentration camps.

“Hey whats you’re name” said Caylynn and a nother girl replied Beth. It was Beth a girl from the past who was in a consentration camp the first time. They realized they had a lot in common becaus they like the same stuff and no about getting prosecuted. So they became bestfriends.

Beth said in a quiet way “you no I always had a hard time becaus I was jewish at the holocaust but now I see you have it hard to becaus you are not popular at school and people don’t no your sometimes good at sports even though your sometimes bad. and so that’s being prosecuted to.

Thanks replied Caylenn Now that we’re best friends lets stop Hitler from doing it again and killing all those people and us.”

The best friends Kaylen and Beth found hitler and embarressed him in front of everyone and said ‘your mean and stop” and he was embarressed in front of everyone and they stopped the holocaust 2 from happening.

But i’m a ghost said Beth. And I have to disapear.

Caylynn was sad becaus Beth was her best friend but she knows sometimes life isnt fair and you have to say goodby.

Now Caylynn didnt have a best friend but she nos their are ghosts who understand becaus they went threw some stuff that was the same and maybe worse than she even knew. So it was okay.

Everyone was happy Hitler got dead again but no one popular said good job to Caylynn but it’s okay. Mrs. Staller and Mr. Nichols said good job and her mom and dad to and now shes a doctor.

Julia Weiss is a writer, improviser, and actress. Julia has a big heart and a tiny bladder. Julia likes baths and wine. @weiss_tea.

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