I saw him by the side of the road and it was late and raining and he looked a little freaked out. I liked that about him. How he wasn’t afraid to, like… you know…SHOW that he was afraid. In a weird way that’s brave. I really responded to it so I asked him if he needed a ride and the rest was sort of history.

Our first date was pretty chill. We got food and ate at my place and then just sort of, like, walked around. It was fun for me to show him my neighborhood and, like, share that with him.

Haha. YES we kissed.

Oh, how would I describe him? Wow… ummm… Let’s see, Bosco is… warm, loving, very intelligent… uh… a bit of a troublemaker, haha. A great friend. A very gracious lover. A true partner.

We do live together. He basically moved in the day we met. I still feel very excited about our relationship and I see it lasting a long time.

We haven’t talked about marriage just because legally it’s not something we can do, and I think Bosco knows that he only has another six or so years in him and he wouldn’t want me to be saddled with managing an estate and like…  the tax thing doesn’t matter to us.

Well, he doesn’t pay taxes anyway because he’s a Labrador/golden mix, so… you know.

If I could give any gift to Bosco it would be the ability to see normal colors, a command of the English language, and a longer life span.

My name is Diane Kennedy and I love my boyfriend Bosco.

Julia Weiss is a writer, improviser, and actress. Julia has a big heart and a tiny bladder. Julia likes baths and wine. @weiss_tea.

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