TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ladies of Unmarketed Growth Capital, I am so sorry to write an email like this but I am disappointed in You ladie. You have always been wonderful tenants (WONDERFUL!!!!!!!), but today I am displeased to say the least!!!!!!!

As you may have noticed, the ladies’ room GOJO soap dispenser is out of order. The nozzle of the GOJO soap dispenser is frozen over with a thick Jolly Rancher-esque crust!!!!!!! I can’t help but think that this wouldn’t be the case if this GOJO soap dispenser was being used .

I am no detective!!!! just a landlord, but I still looked around the bathroom to see what happened and realized that all of you are vbringing your own soap in. if you wanted to use something from whole foods, You should have just told me!!!!!!! instead of sneaking around!!!!!!!! I have kept a maid employed at the building for years and it is her JOB to refill the GOJO soap dispenser, so if you don’t want her doing her JOB she can be taken care of!!!!!! The GOJO soap dispenser is top of the line and I can’t believe YOU don’t WANT t i.

I don’t have to refill the GOJO soap dispenser!!!!!!!! It is not in lease terms or even necessary as it turns out. IT is expensive and after giving u new windows I dono’t tink I will continue to refill. Is it broken or did you just decide your hands too soft for palm olive yellow soap?????????????? EITHER WAY!!!!!!!!!!!

I needt o know what other landlord activities you are taking into your own hands because I am upset over this issue with the GOJO soap dispenser and also also the parkibg lot remodeling. The new rule is: tell Margot when you don’t like somethings, and she will fix iot!!!!!!!! In the meantime, please use the GOJO soap dispensers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am NOT MADE of MONEY$$!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Also the outside keypad shiuld be working but let me know if not the case.



Kristina Felske is the founder and chief editor of the Other Otter and a big, big fan of appetizers. http://www.kristinafelske.com // twitter.com/kristinafelske.

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