there is something

no one can ever look happy in the winter
no, i lied —
no one can ever look content in the winter

remember when the tv would go fuzzy
once the evening’s programming was over
the tv would sleep with us
feeling our absence.

it’s caused by pepto bismol
or a haitian spider bite
or the sneeze of a child
in the turkey line

it is 16 degrees outside
but on the bright side
it feels like 16 degrees

i need a spray bottle for you

we speed past blackened cream buildings
and skeletal trees
and the lives of other people
towards where
we don’t want to go

a suitcase filled with
city things
and a cup of
sea creatures
like dogfish eggs
and smoothed driftwood
and sticking sand
that cannot rub

yet i find my lungs with sand
each time you turn away

threats are always emptier when the other creature does not with speak human tongues.

i never wear shorts in summer
i don’t think i will again.

Kristina Felske is the founder and chief editor of the Other Otter and a big, big fan of appetizers. http://www.kristinafelske.com // twitter.com/kristinafelske.

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