ScorpianDick23: hey i checked out ur profile ur hot wanna talk i love music 2 u know & kepping it real
ScorpianDick23: keeping. fuck.
ScorpianDick23: i meant keeping it real. fucking fuck
ScorpianDick23: u there?
ScorpianDick23: hello?
TheGirlTwoDoorsDown: Oh hey. No worries.
ScorpianDick23: what r u in2 ur hot
TheGirlTwoDoorsDown: sorry really busy right now, can’t chat.
ScorpianDick23: uh ok then y r u online
TheGirlTwoDoorsDown signed off

ScorpianDick23: oh hey u sined off last week but ur on again ur still hot u wanna talk i love music and my truck i just bought a new truck id luv 2 show u ur real hot
TheGirlTwoDoorsDown: Oh hi! That’s really nice of you. I’m actually really busy right now so I can’t talk. I hope you have a really good day!
ScorpianDick23: whtever y r u online then
TheGirlTwoDoorsDown signed off

ScorpianDick23: can u chat i feel like we got off on the wrong foot i no i said some stuff that maybe made u feel objectified but i didnt mean to come across that way. srsly. i do think ur hot but i also really like your taste in music. i just don’t know how to express myself very well b/c my mom died when i was 8 & my dad has a lot of issues with expression and ownership of emotion which i guess he passed on 2 me. so can we start over? i’d really like that. u seem cool.

ScorpianDick23: know not no
ScorpianDick23: fucking god damn fucking shit cunt fuck
ScorpianDick23:fucking piece of shit fucking hell
ScorpianDick23: i meant i know i said some stuff not i no
ScorpianDick23: fucking hell
TheGirlTwoDoorsDown signed off

Julia Weiss is a writer, improviser, and actress. Julia has a big heart and a tiny bladder. Julia likes baths and wine. @weiss_tea.

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