The First Annual Woodbridge Street Skate Contest is happening this weekend and the community of Woodbridge is getting ready to welcome a horde of gnarly skateboarders to it’s small town.
Coming from all over the world in search of the freshest grinds, these skaters will descend upon Woodbridge in search of that elusive victory and $250 grand prize.
Store owners in close proximity of the thrashing competition, which is taking place just outside of the Old Eggleston Shopping Center, have been busy preparing for what is sure to be a raucous crowd.
“We’ve installed cameras,” said Bill Richardson, owner of Bill’s Billfolds, which is in direct view of the street course, where these skaters will no doubt be hanging around. “We know these skaters like to cause trouble. It’s their version of fun. But, we’ll be prepared if they try any of that fun stuff in here.”
Despite lingering concerns from area store owners, these awesome skater buffs are locked in and ready to shred.
“I’m excited to go out and ride and hopefully land some tricks,” said Cody Washburn of Woodbridge, who paid the $15 entry fee to participate in the competition. 
Skateboarding is fast growing into a worldwide phenomenon, at least, it is here in Woodbridge, where many people say they see skaters all over town, jumping up onto curbs and over sets of stairs, anything for a thrill.
“Sometimes I see them on my way into work,” said Wade Bristol, an engineer at Lohse Laboratories on Sycamore St. “One kid was being carted into an ambulance when I went out for my smoke break. He was bleeding everywhere.”
In a sport as extreme as skateboarding, injuries are part of the territory. Just in case, a number of volunteer nurses and firemen will be on hand for the entirety of the competition.
“My son is in it and the whole thing scares me to death,” said volunteer nurse, and local parent, Susan Donovan. “We tried to push him into playing baseball but he said skateboarding better fit his style of clothes.”
So come on down to Old Eggleston Shopping Center this Saturday from 12-3pm, and bring a helmet, just in case.
In other news, the Woodbridge Community Center is discontinuing it’s Bingo Night in favor of a Texas Hold ‘Em Poker Night, and the Sunday Farmer’s Market at the Redwood Square is on hold due to the swarming mass of cicadas that are slated to be here all summer.
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Nick Leveski is a cool dude who lives in Chicago. You can follow him on Twitter. His Twitter handle is @classicleveski.

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