Every summer, thousands of new residents arrive in Chicago. With more than 200 recognized neighborhoods, the city can be a lot to take in. Here’s a guide to a few of the coolest neighborhoods Chicago has to offer!

Lincoln Nook – This area, Chicago’s most historic, is named for one of Illinois’ most beloved residents: Linda “Lin” Coln, widely accepted as the originator of the phrase, ‘You go, girl!’ Once famed for the free-range cattle that terrorized its residents, Lincoln Nook is now known for its architectural style: miscellaneous.

Laketown – Get wet and wild in this up-and-coming Chitown ‘hood. Located east of the Lake Michigan shoreline, Laketown is the city’s largest neighborhood, with a surface area of 22,400 square miles and an average depth of 46 fathoms. In recent years, the arrival of Asian carp has given Laketown a whole new flavor. Plus, boats.

CTA Bus #22 Clark – CTA Bus #22 Clark is distinct among Chicago neighborhoods in that it travels northbound and southbound on Clark Street. Dine on a bag of discarded McDonald’s food, or listen to the smooth sounds of an empty Miller Lite bottle rolling up and down the center aisle. Famous residents of this neighborhood include Bus Driver and Passenger Who Wants You to See That He’s Reading James Joyce.

Abovehead – Residents of Abovehead are always on Cloud Nine! This neighborhood exists approximately 12,000 feet above the ground, in a batch of bone-white altocumulus clouds visible only when the north winds blow in strong and true. Residents of Abovehead are commonly referred to as ‘angels’ and they live forever, as they are immortal beings not of this spiritual plane.

Where Sharon Lives – Avoid this neighborhood unless you want to risk a potentially uncomfortable encounter with your ex-girlfriend. It’s been two years, and you two should be mature enough to see each other at a party or something and it not be weird, and yet…

Little Chicago – Chicago’s Little Chicago neighborhood brings all of the culture and traditions of Chicago to Chicago! Eat Chicago hot dogs, listen to Chicago blues music (commonly known as ‘bluesic’) and root for Chicago sports teams, all without leaving the comforts of Chicago! Little Chicago—it’s Chicago, but little!

Near All the Pizzas – This is the neighborhood near all the pizzas.


Jamison Webb lives in Chicago. He can be followed and unfollowed @jamisonwebb.

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