I don’t think of myself as a busy body, but I have been described that way before. What can I say, I like to KNOW. With a capital “K.” I wanna know it all.  And listen, I don’t care what my neighbors do with their disposable income, but if Chris and Gail Parsens think their children aren’t going to be drinking in that new GAZEEBO, they are living in the no-zone, my friends, the NO-zone. Welcome to the 21st century folks, kids are sick now. I mean it!

Not all kids, some are good, I saw Harley Teed chase a dog away from a dead rabbit. He’s a good kid. I mean the rabbit’s dead, but it’s a good instinct.

I think that’s what I’ve got going for me, you know? I see the GOOD in people. I try to anyway, it’s hard with all the muck around. But at least I’m SEEING, you know?

I mean, if Reagan Tyder gets a human sized box delivered to her 3 bedroom home, and she’s a WIDOW, you’re telling me there’s not a story there? I’m not here to judge, but I just think that that box was awfully large for a widow.

Andy Junk is older than his picture would lead you to believe.

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