Hey all,

Some of you may have noticed that the Other Otter didn’t post a new piece yesterday, and I feel somewhat guilty (somewhat) about not letting you know why.

The Other Otter has decided to start only posting during the weekdays.

This isn’t because we’re lazy (though we are), or that we aren’t getting enough submissions (though you should still submit), but because of HIGHLY TECHNICAL WEBSITE TRAFFIC REPORTS. Seriously, they are HIGHLY TECHNICAL. Basically, we found out what everyone else on the internet tends to find – most of our posts are read before business hours, at lunchtime, or right after business hours.

So we’re changing the way the site is run based on these HIGHLY TECHNICAL WEBSITE TRAFFIC REPORTS and trying to get our writers the highest views possible.

Also, please keep submitting. We have gotten a lot of really amazing pieces over our first month, and we’re only more excited to read what’s coming for us. Especially me, who has the flu and could really use something fun to read.


Kristina (&Abbie&Nicola)

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