My name is Electricity. I’m not like other kids. I don’t have legs or a face. I am a scientific phenomenon caused by the discharge of electrons.

You see, atoms are made up of different parts. Neutrons, protons and electrons orbit every atom’s nucleus. Atoms aren’t too different from teenagers; they crave balance. So if there’s a free electron on one atom, and another atom needs one, that electron will hop over. Electrons jump from atom to atom like nuclear social butterflies. And that’s me. Electricity.

Some materials give up their electrons more eagerly than others, making me flow free and easy. These are called conductors. Then there are insulators. They don’t give two craps about electrons because their atoms feel perfectly balanced the way they are. They shut me out.

Humans have harnessed my awesome force which I’m totally flattered by, but it can be frustrating. You see, there are these things called circuits. Just like a circus, they trap a piece of nature and control its innate properties to satisfy the wants or needs of humans. A circuit is a device that cuts off and opens my current so that I flow when you want me to, and not when I do. I always take the path of least resistance and my mom and dad say that’s lazy, but I’m just doing me, you know? I flow with the electrons and they go to the first atom that’ll grab them.

Anyway, I like you. In an ironic turn of events, you light up MY life. Will you go to prom with me?

Julia Weiss is a writer, improviser, and actress. Julia has a big heart and a tiny bladder. Julia likes baths and wine. @weiss_tea.

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