The Scope’s Monkey Trial was the most important trial of our century. Most people would agree that this trial affected us even today. Much the same way a handful of acid would effect a dessert. Monkeys have been around ever since the cavemen. Almost as long as Jacob has owed me fifteen dollars that I lent him three months ago. The Scope’s Monkey Trial has parts that I agree with and parts that I disagree with. And don’t think that I just agree with all sorts of things. I didn’t agree with Jacob Cass’s decision to buy that twenty-three dollar Johnny Steelwood Action figurine with Katanas when he only had 8 dollars, But I don’t let my personal beliefs keep me from helping my friends. If Scopes or monkey was friends with them, I’d give them money. Of course, I’d expect them to pay me back because even if those two guys have their problems, I feel like they’d still agree about a few fundamental things. You know, if you’re in debt to someone it is a classless move to buy 12 long-stemmed roses for becky hall, who, though one person might not have explicitly said that he had a crush on her, he still did and especially when you owe that person 15 dollars and you shouldn’t go spending your money on retarded flowers for the love of my life when you should be paying your ex-best friend back the money you owe him for the Action finger, I mean figure, That you bought. And I use that word “You” quite loosely because while the Johnny Steelwood Action figurine with katanas is ruining its original packaging in your screened-in porch, I am the one who paid 1 dollar less that twice as much as you. So the way I see it, you have had the Johnny Steelwood Action Figurine with Katanas for three months so now I should get it for one dollar less that 6 months. OR you could just keep the Johnny Steelwood And I’ll “pay” you 15 dollars to call Becky Hall a slut in front of me and I’ll punch you in the face and she’ll love me forever. Then we’d be square. In the end, everyone agrees that Scope’s monkey trail I mean trial was the trial of our century in the past and future. Everyone agrees that scopes money trial was important for everyday life.

The End.

Andy Junk is older than his picture would lead you to believe.

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