Once upon a time there was a meeting of the idiot club. “duh, I think 4+3=12,” said one idiot. Another idiot said, “ I agree with you.” But they were wrong. I know this because I’m not a stupid moron. “Duh, I forgot to read,” said one idiot. Didn’t he mean, “I forgot how to read?” “No,” said the idiot, “I said what I meant to say.” Wait. How do you know what I’m thinking, idiot? “ We all know what you’re thinking,” Said all the idiots. Wait a second, this isn’t the idiot club! This is the Mind reading club. “That’s right, guy. We were just reading the minds of idiots.” But weren’t you reading my mind? What? Wait. What’s 4+3? It’s not 7, I know that’s for sure. Wait! I should know that the answer is 7. I must be an idiot! “We knew that because even an idiot knew that.”


Andy Junk is older than his picture would lead you to believe.

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