ImageLet me tell you a thing or two about snow. One, It’s white. If you didn’t know that, then my friend, I don’t think learning about snow is your problem. Unless there is so much snow that you can’t go to school and learn what white is. Okay, just in case you don’t know what white is, I can teach you a simple trick. Close your eyes, and try to imagine what it’s like to not see anything. Then imagine the opposite. Do you see it now? Do you see the white? Well, that’s the same color as snow’s color. Something else you should know about snow is that it’s cold. Freezing cold. Hence the SNOW, duh! If you dared me to stick my head in a bathtub of snow, I wouldn’t. Unless I had to do it to save the life of like a deer. or something. Maybe not a deer. But like a buffalo because they’re endangered. And I also don’t want to keep my head in there for a real long time I mean, I don’t want to suffer any permy damage. Permy is my pet name for the word permanent. But I’d do it. Put my head in snow. You wouldn’t even have to ask me. I’ll do it. right now but I’m talking to you. God fine I’ll do it. But if I suffer any permy damage its coming out of your ass. What the hell? Where… What Am I. Who…

Andy Junk is a big goof and is older than his picture would lead you to believe.

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