Puffton Press is excited to announce a new book from esteemed screenwriter, Glarry Fumbleman. The following are chapter synopses from his forthcoming Glarry Fumbleman’s Guide to Crafting Honest Characters.

1: Write about people you’d want to be around, unless you’re a Klan member or deaf. It just won’t translate to the screen.

2: Dogs + Tom Hanks = win

3: Never underestimate the power of more premise. Always add premise. Don’t get hemmed up in emotion. This isn’t therapy, it’s HOLLYWOOD!

4: No one was ever named Tony.

5: Or Brad

6: No matter what.

7: If you find your script has grown stale consider inserting a talking dog wearing sunglasses and react honestly to that. Then you can have your main character say something illuminating like “…no I don’t think we have enough time to save all the Jews…HOLY SHIT IS THAT A TALKING DOG WITH SUNGLASSES?”

8: Seventy-five pages in, if you haven’t reached your central conflict someone needs to kill a kid. Duh.

9: Female characters are always shallow and manipulative, or dumb and beautiful. There is a reason these formulae exist…THEY WORK! ($$$)

10: Either show the b-hole or don’t bother mentioning it.


Griffin Wenzler is from Nashville, TN. He likes to play the drums and read. He performs solo sketch and with the improv team Bully.

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