It is 7:46 PM in Chicago and I have promised to launch this website on April 1st, the sweetest day of the year.  I personally love any holiday when Americans can come together and collectively agree to lie our faces off about the state of our relationships, womb, and most importantly, our lives in general. Some people have planned ahead, crafting elaborate schemes that many of us (self included) will be envious of. Others have simply called their mothers to tell them they jammed their ring finger in the car door and oops can’t get married now because no ring finger sorry about your dreams (true story). Still others are haphazardly writing an introduction to a website that technically shouldn’t even have one, but they like the ceremony of it, so who are you to judge them? Okay, that someone is me and I am in my bathrobe and using my childhood teddy bear as a pillow. We’re all adults here. Moving on to the point of the post.

The Other Otter is a website dedicated to providing a daily dose of comedic writing in any form. We will accept submissions until the end of time, and will read everything you send us – though we’d love it if you tried to keep each piece under 1000 words. You may send essays, lists, poems, sketches, short plays, rejection letters, things we haven’t even dreamt up yet. Anything.

So, thanks for checking out our site! I hope you enjoy what you find here, and if you do, please don’t hesitate to share your favorite pieces with your friends. If you don’t, please feel free to sit back and anonymously judge people who are trying their best to create. Haterzzzz.

Okay bye,

Kristina (&AJ&Nicola)

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